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Made of innovative LED strip mounted on an acrylic plate. Our neon signs are made of PVC tubing with LED lights inside, this technique gives the illusion of traditional neon-lights, with bright lights and intense colors, while being more durable and affordable.

PLEASE NOTE! Completion time is 4-5 weeks. All of our LED Neon Signs are made by hand. Both the production process and the delivery are included in the time mentioned above.


All our packages are shipped with extra care and safety. Should anything happen during transportation, your product will be replaced free of charge.

The delivery is FREE OF CHARGE! Just enter your exact address and the courier will deliver it to your door.

What's in the box?

  • Your awesome new neon sign!
  • Easy to use power supply, just plug it in.
  • Light dimmer: connects between the light and the power supply and allows you to easily change the brightness of the neon light.
  • Remote control with which you can change the brightness of the label and turn it on and off.

Sizing guide

To choose the size of the neon sign, we have compiled the general size / style guide below. Please note that this is only a general guide, if you need more help please contact our team - See also Size guide